The Happy Hour Sports Crew led by DJ Bianco for the Sharpen the Public Podcast, get together to dicuss the AFC North Division futures for the 23′-24′ NFL season. 

We try our best to tackle NFL sports betting from a much more data centric perspective. Behind the scenes trend analysis of the public sports betting data and the sharp’s tactics. We look at data and analyze it so we can mainstream that information into talking points that can help you score big. 

This is an offseason preview show for the AFC North for the 23′-24′ season of the NFL. Sharpen the Public is consistently putting out great content about NFL and public betting trends and utilizes a deep analysis to make all that information for digestible to help you win more.

Sharpen the Public - a Sports Betting Podcast About Public Betting Trends

Above is Podcast Episode  (23′-24′ AFC North Preview)

Sharpen the Public

A sports betting podcast about Public Betting Trends on the NFL

Sharpen the Public is an NFL-Centric Sports Betting Podcast that takes a deep dive into the public betting trends and takes on the sharp money to bring you value in determining your betting strategy for NFL sports betting. DJ and the Happy Hour Sports team produce this innovative and interesting Football betting podcast that takes a more in-depth and analytical viewpoint of real data in the betting ecosystem.

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